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2015 Business Intelligence Trends

2015 Business Intelligence Trends

For the beginning of new year we have prepared few thoughts around the trends we see in the area of Business Intelligence that will, according to our opinion, define the year. And here are our ideas:

Topic Nr. 1: Cloud Services Will Use Locally Stored Data

In 2015 the number of cloud solutions that will work with data provided by locally deployed databases will increase. Cloud BI platforms were in the past and still are being used primarily for analysis of data coming from other cloud applications. Companies will gradually start to use the potential of easier and flexible introduction of cloud based analytics even for internal company data.

Topic Nr. 2: Connecting Internal and External Data

Businesses still focus majority of attention to internally available data (own sales, stock, accounting data). This is not enough any more. Smart approach is to use sources that are outside of company`s data center like social networks or other available public information. The aim is to always get the information instantly from where it is published. For any decision companies need to use context of information that is formed by many views. Not only own sales development matters, but competition and whole market evolution as well.

Topic Nr. 3: All Employees Are Data Analysts

New technologies support delivery of data needed for work and decision making in such intuitive forms that people can work with those fast on their own. Anyone can therefore be a data analyst – a salesperson, head of logistics or production manager. Advanced analysis a and predictions will still remain domain of specialists. Those companies who will understand the benefits of this approach for simplification of management functions will implement tools supporting such ad-hoc analytics.

Topic Nr. 4: Data Management In Times Of Self-Service

User access to many data sources within and outside of company will have impact on data management – above all quality assurance and security will be the topics. It will not be enough any more to have data warehouse and access rights management to one data source through predefined reports. Organizations have to create strategies to enable users to take data anywhere and in any way and get answers to his/her questions. This will lead towards completely new processes and methods.

Topic Nr. 5: Analytics Everywhere

Internet of Things and embedded devices will generate large volumes of structured and unstructured data. It can be simply said that any application and any device will need analytics. By the only existence of such big data is not so important. Specific questions that have to be answered by those data will be in forefront. It is not of value to store terrabytes of information, it is crucial for any business to benefit from using those data.

Let us know if you share our opinions or have a different one.

You can as well download our list in form of few slides here: 2015-01-08_BI_Top5_2015_en