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BI Self Service

Self-service technologies help to combine and analyze data from various data sources, connected to the primary organization’s data warehouse, or completely independent from it. Those technologies assist all users who want to work with the data actively. It decreases dependency on the IT department and delays due to waiting times for database or data warehouse change.

Examples of application:

Extension for Microsoft Excel, PowerPivot. Offers possibility to work with large blocks of data and process those analytically in a familiar environment.

Sharing of requests within the whole organization

More efficient decisions thanks to data cooperation

Ensuring data quality

  • End users create their own Business Intelligence applications in a – for them very well known – environment: Microsoft Excel
  • Applications can be easily and quickly adjusted without knowledge of database applications development
  • Applications can be updated, reflecting changes in the data
  • Applications can be shared among many users using SharePoint and its properties (security, versioning, alerts)