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Data Warehousing

We constantly create our products and services in close cooperation with our customers and tailored to their specific needs and business strategy. Through consolidation of all the company’s available information sources, we enable management and employees to gain a clear overview of the performance of their organization and individual departments. If you need to increase the efficiency of your business, strengthen your competitiveness, learn exact and crucial information contained in your own or external data, Business Intelligence is exactly the right tool for you.
Business Intelligence tools, especially Management Information Systems (MIS) are useful for all types of businesses. Financial reporting and consolidation are commonly used. BI secures higher organization efficiency; it can lower operational costs or secure higher employee productivity. In production, it can help controlling and quality assurance to secure the required quality of their products. It enables the management to monitor exact results of their company, and based on this exact information, to make qualified decisions.

  • The first step towards successful data warehouse (DWH) implementation is always a detailed initial analysis. Intelligent Technologies will review data sources on the one hand and the requirements of the users on the other hand. Such analysis is a mandatory first part for any high quality data warehouse (DWH) introduction.
  • The design of tools for data warehouse population (data pumps, ETL processes etc.) are of similar importance. Intelligent Technologies delivers top quality data warehouses. Our experienced consultants design the architecture of the warehouse according to the highest standards.
  • Besides those standard methodologies, we apply Microsoft best practices recommendations for the technical design.
  • The aim of the data warehouse is usually the unification of information systems and source data within the customer’s organization and automated population of the warehouse with up-to-date and valid data from those sources.