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Senior BI Consultant

I’m Věra and I take care of recruiting employees.

Věra Špičáková
Operations & HR Assistant
Feel free to write or call me. I am more than happy to provide any additional info.

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    When everything falls into place...

    • The initial interview can take place in person or online, and will involve meeting with Jana Jedelská, our HR manager. This will be an opportunity for you to introduce yourself, learn more about the company, and discuss any questions or expectations you may have.
    • For certain positions, we may ask you to complete a skills test at home. This test will help us assess your level of expertise and ensure that your skills are aligned with the requirements of the position.
    • If there is a mutual interest in moving forward, you will have a second round of interviews with a senior colleague, who is also the team leader.
    • Ideally, a happy phone call or e-mail to offer you the job!