Business Intelligence in Action
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What We Offer

All our services have one thing in common: They serve to collect, process, analyze and present company data. The target is to avoid manual creation of outputs, which could be created by machines in a more efficient manner. We offer information available exactly where and when it is most needed.

Big Data

The benefit of using Big Data is above all in gaining a competitive advantage. Using new information to provide better services, gain deeper customer understanding, and faster innovation.

BI Self Service

Self service technologies are helping to combine and analyze data from various data sources, connected to the primary organization’s data warehouse, or completely independent from it. Those technologies are helping all users who want to work with data actively. It decreases dependency on the IT department and delays due to waiting times for database or data warehouse change.


All technologies and routines must serve one purpose: To make better business decisions. This means more revenues, lower costs, higher efficiency. Or it might lead to less tangible benefits like increased trust in the reported data, the possibility to receive needed analysis faster, avoiding duplicities and contradicting outputs.

Data Warehousing

If you need to increase the efficiency of your business, strengthen your competitiveness, learn exact and crucial information contained in your own or external data, Business Intelligence is exactly the right tool for you.

Master Data Management

Master data management focuses on managing, maintaining and security of your master data. In its basic form, master data management ensures that there is always the same version of a document used across the organization, for example pricelist or list of customers.