Harmonic interplay between data warehouse management and reporting.

Project description

We have become an important BI partner for this successful lingerie company. Our role is to manage and develop the data warehouse on the Keboola platform and reporting in Power BI Premium.


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intecs consultants

As part of our services, we provided the operation and development of a data warehouse on the Keboola platform. In addition, we also created complex Power BI models and reports, and helped set up internal BI processes.

When we came to Astratex we found some unfinished work after an unsuccessful implementation of a data warehouse and Power BI. However, we soon regained the lost trust of the business in data and gradually set up processes for effective reporting and management of the company based on the right data.

Applied technology
Industry solution

“For Astratex, we have established a data-driven company culture through Keboola and Power BI tools. They can now create insightful models and reports with actual data.”

Luboš Bednář

Satisfied customer


“Thanks to intecs, we can finally make accurate decisions using modern analyses, based on correct and reliable data.”

Martin Rogozný