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Who we are

We are a Czech consulting and development company that helps to make better business decisions. We deliver business intelligence and data warehouse management solutions. We will be happy to help you too.

Why work with us?
For more than 10 years, we have been a flexible business partner to dozens of companies across a variety of industries. We are a close-knit team of IT specialists, each of us with a priority to meet our clients’ needs. Our values include openness and humanity when communicating with clients, making sure everyone can understand us.

Our collaboration is not just a “client assignment” – “vendor solution” relationship; we can contribute our own opinion and expert advice that can significantly support the client’s business. Our goal is to deliver a fully functional solution that meets all the client’s expectations.

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Why work with us?




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Our team knows how to have fun

We are proud of our team, for many years we have had a professional yet human approach to all our clients. We rejoice in their success, and we are happy that they can rely on our solutions when doing business.

Radim & Luboš


Together we have made intecs a pleasant place to work. Every team member knows that it’s normal to continue to learn, to ask questions and give advice to others. At the same time, we make sure to be a reliable and transparent business partner..

Radim Hampel

Partner & Managing Director

It’s great to see so many bright and inspiring people around us every day, thanks to whom we can collaborate on such interesting projects.

Luboš Bednář

Partner & Senior BI consultant

Working with data and spreadsheets involves everything I’ve always enjoyed – a bit of coding and playing around, lots of small challenges and the opportunity to be everything – a developer, an analyst, a scientist, an architect, and in a sense – an artist.

Alexandra Profantová

Senior BI consultant

I enjoy it when we are able to merge our complex technical solutions into clear and transparent outputs that guide clients to the right business decision. We offer them insights they couldn’t have imagined otherwise.

Jakub Šmerda

Senior BI consultant

For me, Intecs represents a great team and interesting work with data in BI. Moreover, this solution is a combination of my two hobbies – mathematics and programming. I’m happy that this way I’m able to pursue them both to the fullest.

Peter Nagy

Senior BI consultant

Working with data in BI has become a part of my life a few years ago. At intecs, I’ve taken the opportunity to improve, overcome new challenges, and I know that this is what will fulfill me for years to come.

Jakub Kmeť

Senior BI consultant

Working at intecs intecs makes sense to me in that we show clients new ways to understand their company data. The area of data analysis and visualization is rewarding for me, as is sharing experience within the team.

Niels Verschatse

Senior BI consultant

I’ve always wanted to do things right, to find efficient solutions, to be friendly to customers, to understand their needs and to create data warehouses that run like clockwork. At intecs I found all of that.

Jiří Klimeš

Senior BI consultant

An analyst is a bit like a data detective, and investigating can be lots of fun. Especially when the information is then translated into a sensible model that everyone can understand. I just enjoy making sense of data.

Jan Richter

Senior BI consultant

I enjoy working at intecs because I get to look into top companies in almost every industry, analyze their data pains and contribute to creating solutions. This then produces reports of important data to influence corporate development and growth.

Martin Dráb

BI specialist

Above all intecs, to me, represents a company of humble and smart colleagues, driven by the desire to find insightful information in the data and to come up with a functional and long-term solutions for each customer.

Barbora Pokorná

BI specialist

I have always enjoyed working with data and finding solutions to various logical or technical problems. And I have no shortage of that in my work. Whether I am solving a “big” application for a customer or just consulting a simple script for one of my colleagues.

Zbyněk Sailer

BI data engineer

How to navigate the vast amount of corporate data of our clients? At intecs, I took the chance to learn how to find the essentials, to jump-start my creativity and my investigative mind, and now I don’t miss a thing.

Erika Čvandová

BI specialist

Ever since being part of intecs, I have fallen in love with data and data analytics. My creative soul is given space to craft elegant reports in which the client can easily find information they have been missing.

Jana Prchlová

BI specialist