Let us in on your company data and you will finally get a handle on it.

Do you have higher expectations of your reporting? Do you want it to help you achieve better business results? Or do you need BI specialists on your team to help you successfully implement your own projects and build your own BI competence in the company? Explore our solutions and find out more!

What can you expect from us in terms of approach and solutions to your requirements?

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Flexible approach and adequate team size.

Common sense, high expertise, and a team sharing knowledge for better results

Our Services

Data warehouses

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Business Intelligence tools, especially management information systems (MIS) and data warehouses, are beneficial across all lines of business. A data warehouse solution can make your organization more efficient, reduce operational costs, or guarantee higher employee performance. Everyone in your business will receive the information they need in a timely manner, in a quality and format they can understand.

Reporting in Power BI

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With our Power BI tool, we can clearly show you which customers are the most valuable. If you’re frantically clicking from one system to another, you’re wasting time. You can have all the essential information clearly in one place. And what is best: You get the first clues to make the right decisions almost immediately.

Planning and forecasting

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Planning and forecasting with a solution using O365 and Power BI to speed up the process of planning and creating rolling forecasts. We’ll give you our experience in optimizing planning processes, introduce rolling forecasts, and connect all the data for more reliable and accurate planning. We will use machine learning tools to help you design forecasts that you can then easily modify and adjust to your satisfaction in small or large teams.

Digital transformation

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Power Platform is part of the Office 365 family of services that enables rapid application creation and process automation without the need for programming. This allows you to create, for example, an app to approve leave requests in a few clicks. Unlike developing robust applications, you don’t write any code and create everything simply from within a web browser. Power Platform includes PowerApps, Power Automate and Power BI.

Data science

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Machine learning tools can help you find patterns of behaviour hidden in the data. Predict what will happen with what probability based on historical data and real-time inputs. Uncover your customers’ behavior, optimize your pricing, test your hypotheses.

Field solutions

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Click on the tags to view case studies