With Power BI, we show you your most valuable customers.

What is Power BI?

If you are frantically clicking from one system to another, you are wasting your time. You can have all the essential information in one place. And the best part? You’ll get the first clues to make the right decisions almost immediately.

Benefits of our Power BI solution


Get an overview of your financial and business results and the status of key processes.

Automatic updates

Easily connect data from different sources which will be updated automatically.


You can share the reports you create with other team members – and access them online, from your mobile or tablet.

Key processes

We will map key processes and help you design relevant indicators.

Try out working with interactive reports

Take a look at our industry reports for finance, retail, manufacturing or HR. Be inspired, or drop us a line and we can produce similar reports for you.

Finance and controlling




How can we assist in your business operations with Power BI?

We create reports tailored to your needs

We help you implement Power BI (process setup, governance, etc.)

We will provide training and build your own competence in Power BI

We offer audits and reviews of your solution (optimization of data models, troubleshooting, etc.)

In the field of Power BI we have helped

  • Data warehouse for recording carbon footprint measurements

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  • Plan performance reporting and BI infrastructure

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  • We were asked to provide NaturaMed with reporting that could respond to the dynamic development of the company and changes in company processes. This involved the requirement to build a data warehouse and to automate administrative tasks.

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  • Kofola

    We have become an important BI partner for this brand. Our task was to successfully implement Power BI throughout the organization.

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  • In over 10 years of working together, we have built a comprehensive data warehouse and reporting solution that has enabled Notin to grow from a 100 million revenue business to over 10 billion.

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  • The aim of this project was to ensure komplex reporting on the areas of merchandising, logistics, controlling, allocation, loyalty.

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  • We have become the global Power BI partner for 8 countries with over 16,000 employees and 2,300 offices.

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  • The aim of the project for Schenker was to create a unified management information system to manage and optimize key areas of the company.

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  • The goal of the project for ROSSMANN was to unify all data sources within the company and to create a single analytical and reporting tool to manage and optimize the company’s key processes.

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  • The goal of the corporate planning project was to eliminate problems that hindered an effective planning process.

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