Finding correlations in data using statistics and machine learning

What does Data science mean?

Machine learning tools can help you find patterns of behaviour hidden in data. Predict, what will happen, with what probability based on historical data and real-time inputs.

Benefits of our solution

Detective Data

Search for behavioural patterns hidden in data (customer behaviour, pricing, process efficiency)

Rapid prototyping

Rapid validation of hypotheses and your own judgments based on data

Advanced analytics

Use of advanced machine learning and statistical methods

Using all the data

Background for analysis in the form of current, historical and real-time data

How can we help you in your business operations?

Using Azure Machine Learning tools

Applying statistical and mathematical methods using R and Python

Setting up an environment for rapid prototyping and hypothesis testing

Consultation and validation of business scenarios suitable for machine learning

In the field of Data science we have helped

  • In over 10 years of working together, we have built a comprehensive data warehouse and reporting solution that has enabled Notin to grow from a 100 million revenue business to over 10 billion.

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  • The aim of the cooperation was to expand the competences of the internal teams by experience in the implementation of complex problems in the field of BI. During the cooperation several projects were implemented and their benefits are still visible today.

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