Analyzing data to increase the security of users around the world.

Project description

The aim of the cooperation was to expand the competences of the internal teams by experience in the implementation of complex problems in the field of BI. During the cooperation several projects were implemented and their benefits are still visible today.


successful projects


years of amazing collaboration


savings in campaign costs


satisfied BI team

What we worked on with Avast: We worked on a solution for reporting basic metrics and user behaviour for each product: acquisition, activation and churn rates.

We have made data available to controllers for operational financial reporting. Moreover, we have enabled more efficient use of data from online marketing tools.

Applied technologies
Industry solution

„Avast is a really truly data-driven company. Every decision they make is well-founded and thanks to that they can very quickly evaluate whether to develop or terminate a project.“

Luboš Bednář

Satisfied client


„We have always considered working with data as a core competence of our company. As we have grown rapidly, we have realized that it is important to our success to be able to choose a partner that can help us deliver more data solutions faster, and easily maintainable by our employees.“

Miroslav Umlauf

Business Intelligence director, Avast