Business application for faster processing of offers and orders.

Issue description

Creating a suite of applications which cover the whole process from product offer through approval to production, we mainly needed to focus on: validated data entry, user-friendly interface and process automation.


faster processing of offers


thousands of records per year


linked Sharepoint tables


applications of Power Apps

At Chart Ferox we have become an important external partner for the development of applications and reports in the Power Platform environment. We can quickly map processes that are worth transforming into modern Power Apps and Power BI environments that allow easy access from anywhere and on any device.

One of the applications created in the Power Apps environment is a quoting application that helps retailers create personalized product offers for customers. The application is connected to the SalesForce CRM and also allows data to be used for further analysis. The application extracts data for product specification from the offer as soon as it is accepted by the customer. It adds all technical details to the order and also covers the production approval process by the Engineering, Quality, Planning and Production departments.

There is a sophisticated escalation system in both the menu and product applications and there is always the option to print the document in PDF. A production order is then created from the product specification. The implementation also includes an archive that contains all historical data from previous systems on the basis of which new orders can be created.

Applied technologies
Industry solution

“Our solution has been so well received that it is planned to be extended to other plants around the world. I’m really proud of our team for how well we were able to meet the assignment.”

Jakub Šmerda – Senior consultant

Satisfied customer

“We needed to make the sales staff’s job easier when contacting the customer and making offers tailored to the requirements. Intecs provided an application solution that remembers order details, in-depth planning and production information, and lots of other valuable data.”

Tomáš Pitelka

Innovation Manager