Successful introduction of Power BI in 8 countries.

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We have become the global Power BI partner for 8 countries with over 16,000 employees and 2,300 offices. Our mission is to successfully roll out Power BI to all countries to help create an environment to make better decisions faster.


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satisfied central BI team

As part of our services, we have set up Power BI governance and monitoring, overseen the creation of decentralized centers of excellence, and trained hundreds of analysts in 8 countries to work in Power BI. At the same time, we are responsible for creating and managing complex data models and reports.

At Dr. Max, we have become part of the central BI team that we help consolidate data from all countries. We have helped set up best practices and rules for overseeing Power BI Premium capabilities. In some countries, we create complex models and reports ourselves and are in daily contact with business users. In other countries, we help audit and review solutions created by in-house analysts.

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“In our collaboration, we have delivered an impressive and comprehensive performance that included training analysts from 8 countries, support for the development of their Power BI models and the necessary capacity to ensure the solution continues to run sustainably.”

Radim Hampel

Satisfied client


“We asked intecs to deploy Power BI to analyze and report on corporate data from branch offices across Europe. Their human approach, innovative ideas and professional solutions delivered the desired result, which we have implemented in all the 8 countries in which we operate.”

Jan Kadlec

BI / DWH Manager