Power BI partnerships boosts internal BI capabilities.

Case Description

We have become an important BI partner for this successful Czech brand. Our task was to successfully introduce Power BI to the entire Kofola Group organization, including Kofola, Radenska, Leros, and other group members.

In the course of our cooperation we achieved:

  • the implementation of Power BI in the Kofola Group,
  • setting up data governance and monitoring,
  • training more than 100 users in the use of Power BI,
  • a satisfied central BI team.

We have provided Kofola with the setup of Power BI governance and monitoring, the creation of internal centres of excellence and the necessary training of analysts to work in Power BI.

Our services also included the creation of complex data models and reports. Moreover we assisted with the oversight and review of custom Power BI models and reports, including support for the central BI team in setting up recommendations for working with Power BI.

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Industry Solutions

“At Kofola, we have helped to successfully implement Power BI across the Group and support the development of a data-driven culture.”

Radim Hampel

Satisfied Client


“In intecs we have found a reliable and experienced partner in the field of business intelligence and Power BI tools. I consider it important to set up the right tools and especially processes to work in Power BI. To provide both the core BI department and the second level power users with the necessary training. In the context of consulting, they provided our team with their experience and valuable advice on the use of Power BI.”

Radek Hájek

BI manager