A data warehouse as the basis for swift decision making.

Issue description

The goal of the project for ROSSMANN was to unify all data sources within the company and to create a single analytical and reporting tool to manage and optimize the company’s key processes.


years of successful collaboration


financial savings


more efficient work


reliable data warehouse

We have integrated the company’s data sources (sales, stock accounting, promotions, cashiering), created a valid data warehouse consolidating disparate information systems, and developed an entirely new reporting system to replace an outdated and costly outsourced solution based on Oracle technology. The result is a comprehensive analytical and controlling system.

For the project we have developed:
Sales and stock reports
Graduation evaluations
Intranet applications
Accounting and controlling reports
Inventory data distribution
Calculation of complex margins
Instant overview of cash transactions
Efficiency of customer loyalty programs

Applied technologies
Industry solution

“The work for ROSSMANN is very diverse, as the company is always changing and evolving. This brings along new requirements for integrations, using the data warehouse in some unusual situations. Each such requirement shows the growing importance of DWH and its overall usefulness.”

Radim Hampel

Satisfied customer


“The cooperation with intecs has provided us with a competent and flexible partner who still remains by our side to face and solve new challenges posed by business practice.”

Zbyněk Major

IT Manager