Reporting on all production areas has resulted in significant savings and supported decision-making.

Project description

Comprehensive production reporting covering all currently problematic areas from financial control to production efficiency to human resources monitoring


reduction of scrap metal


less delayed deliveries

8 million

monthly reduction in operating costs


days till the creation of a first report

By gradually selecting the most pressing areas for Rompa, we have been able to respond quickly to emerging issues in dynamic times. Clear reporting has helped to make the right decisions that deliver significant financial savings. The combination of the Azure data warehouse and Power BI reporting allowed us to have first results within a month of starting the collaboration.

The project’s achievements include an 80% reduction in late deliveries, a 70% reduction in scrap rates, a 20% increase in manufacturing productivity, a 3% increase in average margins, and an $8 million reduction in operating costs. We must also not forget qualitative indicators such as speeding up monthly closing by two days, reducing errors and enabling the finance team to be slimmed down by one employee.

Applied technologies
Industry solution

“Extensive experience with the specifics of manufacturing companies has allowed us to push the resulting reporting beyond the limits imaginable for the customer.”

Jakub Šmerda – Senior consultant

Satisfied customer

Rompa group

“Poor decisions in managing a company bring big losses and unnecessary costs. Thanks to intecs, we understand which data is important and how much quality reporting can help in the decision-making process.”

Pavel Šustek