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HR Jana J.: Why did we produce the intecs insider podcast?

In february 2023, we released the first episode of the intecs insider podcast. since it's not in our power to get to know everyone we come across personally, my colleagues and i decided to get in front of the camera and behind a microphone to reveal who intecs is.

The aim was to bring intecs closer to all of those who have yet to meet us. We pride ourselves on our close relationship with our clients, but also with each other within our internal teams.

Why did we name our podcast intecs insider?
It’s a play on words between getting insight into intecs and the word insight itself – as a deeper look at the data we deliver our customers.

We release the episodes in stages, you can watch them on our intecs YouTube channel or listen to them on your headphones via Spotify or Google Podcast.

We have a new brand, now it’s time to show who we truly are

In 2021, we rebranded intecs – we came up with a new company name, moved into one of Brno’s new skyscrapers on Šumavská Street and created a comprehensive company brand in collaboration with Smeczka graphic studio (you can find out more about the changes here).

Ok, now that we’ve laid the foundation, it’s time to tell people what it is that we do and that we enjoy doing it.

The filming of intecs insider

To properly bring across

  • how much we appreciate the people we work with,
  • that we’re actually quite “normal”, as we like to say here at intecs,
  • and that we enjoy our work and find it enjoyable,

we needed to put out the word.

A shot of our CEOs Lubos Bednar and Radim Hampel talking about intecs.

So, we decided to launch a podcast. The recording took place in Jakub Stejskal’s podcast studio PROMOPEOPLE. In one recording session we managed to tape 5 episodes in which we:

  1. talk openly about intecs and more generally about BI,
  2. discuss in more depth intecs and our role as a consultant,
  3. describe business and how it works when a customer approaches us with a data solution request,
  4. explain the processes within the company,
  5. and present our HR, recruiting and onboarding processes.

Watch a trailer of the highlights here:

Trailer of all episodes of intecs insider filmed so far.

But we don’t stop after five episodes. We are thinking of topics for new episodes to get even closer to our customers and potential candidates.

intecs insider

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Enjoy listening!