Intelligent Technologies changes to intecs

You can enter the new year 2022 gracefully with a bottle of champagne in hand, but we've opted for a much more stylish introduction. We've changed our name and headquarters, we've tweaked our corporate brand, we've [...]

2022 is the year of change

You could start the new year 2022 gracefully with a bottle of champagne in your hand, but we’ve opted for a much more stylish entry. We’ve changed our name and headquarters, tweaked our corporate brand, have a brand-new website full of interesting content and are enjoying our new offices!

You may be thinking, so many bold changes have certainly left an impact on us! Don’t worry, we are still the “old intelligent” bunch and our offices remain in Brno. Everything is just a little different. Take a closer look: Welcome to the world of intecs.

No, we have not lost our minds

After more than 10 years of existence, we have come to the conclusion that our presentation does not match the quality solutions we provide to customers around the world. In short, even the king of Power BI was feeling naked and needed new clothes. So the decision was made to transform the identity of our company. With this in mind, we changed the company name from Intelligent Technologies to the more striking and simpler “intecs” . The new name captures the best qualities of the old name and uses the established company domain.

A parallel step was the relocation of the company to more representative premises of the newly reconstructed “Brno skyscraper” on Šumavská Street. It was high time, as our teams were growing, and there was literally nowhere to sit. In the new premises we have enough space for every member of intecs and we are happy to invite our clients here. The views from our offices are breathtaking.

Resolved cases with data

A new logo, new offices, so it was about time for the website, of which we are duly proud. Intecs unmistakably belongs to the digital world, and so the new company website is the best presentation for anyone interested in our data analytics services, but perhaps also for those interested in working for us. Besides detailed descriptions of Intecs’ services, there are dozens of fresh case studies on the site as proof of our abilities.

What’s next

Our expectations for the development of intecs are substantial, but can be summed up in one sentence. We want intecs to remain a pleasant place to work and to continue to be a reliable and readable business partner for our customers.

PS: Fans of official announcements will be pleased to find the full report on the change here.