The Peter Nagy Story

From Intern to Senior BI Consultant

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I joined as a Junior

In 2017 I joined intecs as a an intern Junior BI Specialist.

I applied to a few companies, but after speaking to intecs owner Luboš Bednář during my first round of interviews, things fell into place.

I was fresh out of college at the time, studying financial math, evaluating derivatives in the stock market, and calculating insurance rates.

Of course they’d explained a little bit about the basics of SQL in school, but for my interview as a BI specialist intern I now needed analytical thinking and the ability to think about things comprehensively rather than a lot of expertise.

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My journey in intecs


It worked and as soon as I started here, learning by doing became my credo.


I started on simple tasks, over time my colleagues gave me more and more challenging assignments.


It wasn’t just “do this and upload it here” anymore. For example, I had to interview the customer and find the solution myself. If I didn’t know how to do something, I could always consult more senior colleagues.


After two years as a Senior BI Consultant, I started to lead my first client project – first alone, but as the client grew, over time two more colleagues joined the project and I led them.


Nowadays I manage a team and several projects at the same time, while still working 70% on the development itself, which suits me fine.

It was Luboš’s friendly, open and honest interview that convinced me that intecs is exactly the place I want to work at.

What I like about working at intecs

Projects are constantly being talked about. Everyone in the company is willing to help, it doesn’t happen that someone is keeping their know-how to themselves. On the contrary – everyone is happy when they can help each other.

I don’t know the stereotype, because I work on several projects at the same time.

Clients come from different industries, and because I need to understand at least part of how their business works to be able to suggest the ideal solution to their problem, I am constantly learning and specializing.

Do you already understand BI? Your story will be similar to Alexandra's.

Working with data and spreadsheets involves everything I’ve always loved – a bit of gaming, a bit of coding. Lots of little challenges and the opportunity to be everything – a developer, an analyst, a scientist, an architect, and in a sense an artist.

Alexandra Profantová
Senior BI Consultant
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