Reporting and planning for the entire company is based on data analysis.

Case description

The goal of the corporate planning project was to eliminate problems that hindered an effective planning process: poor quality data, repetitive and extensive manual data entry, weak cooperation between planners and infrequent creation of plans and forecasts.


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Corporate performance planning in a company automatizes the prediction, collection, modification and subsequent reporting of reality and the created plan. Planners from all RENOMIA Group companies can work on several versions of plans and their supervisors can manage the entire process using Workflow. As part of the planning project, RENOMIA has acquired a tailor-made tool through Power BI and Power Apps that can manage the planning process on a monthly basis, continuously refining the outlook for the future period and reacting more quickly to potential opportunities and threats.

The planning process begins with the collection of data from accounting, professional and HR databases, consolidating it from all countries into a data warehouse in Keboola and Snowflake. The subsequent process of creating automated predictions of future state at the analytical account level allows planners to make adjustments to the machine-calculated values. In addition to top-down adjustments to the management income statement, four selected areas – labor costs, revenue, investments and OPEX – can be planned in detail using a bottom-up method.

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“Cooperation with a traditional family company, which is a leader in corporate insurance in the Czech Republic and other EU countries, is a great commitment. I am pleased that we have provided a quality reporting, financial planning and forecasting solution that consolidates corporate data.”

Luboš Bednář

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Intecs has put our company’s data in order, allowing us to plan and manage our company efficiently.

Petr Vacek