The story of Erika Čvandová

By self-study to a BI Specialist 

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The journey to your dream job can start with a Python class

Before intecs I worked as a project manager at one of the institutes of the Academy of Sciences and I needed a change.

A Python course and my self-study of SQL and data analytics convinced me that a “data” career path would be the right one for me. When I joined intecs in 2021, slightly nervous, I could barely imagine what my job would look like.

The reality exceeded expectations. There was a variety of work waiting for me at intecs, a constant opportunity to learn new things, a friendly atmosphere and a supportive management.

Today, as a Medior BI Specialist, I collaborate on several different data warehouse solution projects. On some projects I communicate directly with our customers and suggest my own solutions, however I always have the support of project managers and my colleagues who I can consult with. I grow gradually without pressure from the management. I set my own pace and can learn and develop in the areas I need to.


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My journey in intecs


I took a Python class and studied SQL and how to analyze data in my free time. All this while working as a project engineer at the Academy of Sciences.


Feeling that the data career path was the right one for me, I applied for the position of a Junior BI Specialist at intecs. I was hired! As this was my first job in this field, I didn’t know what to expect.


As a junior I had to learn everything from scratch, but after just a few months at intecs I was more confident in my skills – especially thanks to a great manager and a team of colleagues who were there for me whenever I needed them.


At the turn of 2022-2023, my colleagues started helping me with a project that used to take up almost 100% of my work capacity and I had the space to work on several other smaller projects at the same time. Each one of them is related to a different technology, which gives me a lot of new experience.

The reality of working with data exceeded my expectations. What I like most is how diverse it is.

What I like about working at intecs

The possibility to try new things and opportunities with clients from a variety of industries. And when I’m feeling like it is too much for me, I can rely on my team to work it out together.

Atmosphere and relationships with colleagues. We spend time together outside the office.


Relying on more senior colleagues. Whenever I need help with something, they are always available and happy to help. They are also willing to share their know-how.

Collaboration across teams, because we can share our experiences and consult when we don’t know what to do.

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