Story  of Martin Dráb

Nowadays I’m more of a manager, but I still have room for development.

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I’ve been working in intecs for more than 4 years and I’m more and more eager to improve

I moved from development to creation and process management.

I implement agile management in projects not only for our clients but also for our own internal development. I need to be in close contact with both my colleagues and our customers to understand what exactly they need for their work so I can improve the development process.

I joined intecs as a junior and grew up with it. I have experienced all positions in development and therefore have been able to understand the changes that growth brings. Now, as a senior, I have the opportunity to improve the running of the entire company.

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My journey in intecs


I studied finance, but after a while I got tired of the field. I saw Radim Hampel, CEO of intecs, at a lecture and I realized that I can do finance through data and combine what I understood with what I enjoy.


Inspired by the lecture and the technologies used, I applied for an interview and was hired. I started as a Junior Data Engineer. In intecs I gained experience that helped me with my thesis, which focused on business intelligence and reporting


I became more interested in Power BI than Data Engineering and eventually worked independently on bigger and bigger projects. Over time, I was promoted to a medior position – BI Specialist and through this I discovered that I could communicate well with customers and I enjoy project management.


After three years in intecs, I worked my way up to Senior BI Consultant and in addition to taking care of several large and small projects, I got to lead my own team. Project management, especially the agile one, is an area that interests me a lot and that’s why I have taken courses and certifications in this area.



In addition to project and team management, I implement agile methodology into client and internal projects. Although I sit mostly in the manager’s chair, I can find room to evolve to keep up with industry news.

In intecs I have the space to pursue things I enjoy and find meaningful. Although it may seem like a big responsibility, I know that our management always has my back and I feel very supported by them.

What I like about working at intecs

The opportunity to set your own career path. To pursue what I really want to do, and being allowed to do so by our management.


A couple of times in my intecs career, I found myself wanting to pursue something a little different than what I was doing at the time – for example, I found that I enjoyed Power BI more than data engineering, or that project management came more naturally to me than development. I discussed my feelings, opinions and ambitions with the management, and as soon as the right opportunity came along, it was offered to me.

The management has trust in me and has allowed me to pursue the areas I felt I wanted to develop in. I have been given maximum support to make me feel as comfortable as possible in my new job role.

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