People Development in intecs

Why and how do we train our colleagues?

HR manager Jana Jedelská and Peter Nagy, Senior BI Consultant, discuss internal People Development in the 9th episode of the intecs insider podcast. Do we have a budget for training? And what happens if we can’t currently meet employee training requirements? Listen in.

Peter is a Senior BI Consultant who started at intecs as an intern. Over time he worked his way up to team leader. He has been through onboarding, training of all kinds and now helps others grow. However, that doesn’t mean that he not evolving himself.

We’ve asked Peter:

🎙️ about his professional journey from intern to senior specialist,

🎙️ what he had to do to become a manager,

🎙️ how team leaders are trained

🎙️ how he develops his teammates,

🎙️ and how he thinks customers benefit from intecs’ people development program. 

“Naturalness in education is terribly important. In my opinion, providing employees with training or certification that they have to do is not good as they will automatically reject it. It’s important that the wish to improve comes from the people themselves: if I want to be trained in something, I’ll tell my manager.”

~ Peter Nagy, Senior BI Consultant

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