What life is like at intecs

What makes intecs such a unique place to work and what does the ideal job candidate at our company look like?

I’ve been with intecs for quite a while now, but I still appreciate the values we have here and the way we really live by them every day. Words like humanity, honesty and fairness may sound like clichés. For us, however, they are not just empty phrases, but a reality that we take pride in. It’s an essential part of our corporate DNA, which naturally permeates the entire company. It really does.

Now, I get it, anyone can say that, and when I read it in turn, it really does sound like a corny phrase from a job ad for a trendy position. But let’s try to look at it another way.

So what makes intecs such a unique place to work?

I dare say that what drives us all forward is our constant desire to discover new things and never stop growing personally. I often see colleagues passionately discussing different work challenges in the hallway or over breakfast and supporting each other in solving them. It’s blatantly obvious that these new challenges are their driving force and that each new client or new assignment is just icing on the cake in their to-do list.

I am impressed by the enthusiasm and drive with which they share their know-how on a regular basis, not only about Power BI, DWH, Power apps, but also about other technologies. Needless to say that they continuously display the already mentioned working ethics and apply them when dealing with customers and clients.

How does it work here?

Let’s take a closer look at where it all begins. Get ready for a pleasant trip into our daily practice. I’ll be your guide, taking you step-by-step through our process of selection and integration of new colleagues into life at intecs.

When new candidates apply to us, they always go through a kind of “filter” from the initial interview with our HR manager Janča Jedelská to the meeting with their future supervisor. Once we shake hands at the end of this process, the onboarding phase begins.

This is where our new colleague and their mentor come into play, helping them overcome the first obstacles and get into the work process. At intecs, we are careful not to throw our newcomers into the water, but we also follow the motto “learning by doing“. We believe that mistakes are what moves us forward, and most importantly – a new colleague gets the opportunity to get involved in real projects right from the start. But there’s nothing to worry about, there’s always someone who has your back and is willing to give advice and support.

Diversity, balance and motivation are more key words that often resonate around here, and rightly so. In our company, people are always working on different projects, sometimes even in different fields. So, if a person wants to focus on one very narrow area, it’s safe to say that they probably won’t be happy here.

Every new person who joins us has the opportunity to choose what areas they enjoy most and to pursue these. Thanks to this, everyone can work their way up from junior to senior relatively quickly. This we consider one of the greatest added values at intecs as a consulting firm. You will hardly find as many opportunities for self-fulfillment and experience across various business areas in one single company. We try to offer people the opportunity to lead a team or projects and to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty from time to time.

As I mentioned before, intecs is about people, so we take real care in their selection. They are the ones who make up our company and reinforce our belief that we are moving in the right direction.

We have experienced significant growth over the last three years and plan to continue on this path in the future. Well, not only do we want to grow, we also aim to strengthen what we have built over the past few years.  As our company grew, so have several of our colleagues. About some of them one could teasingly say that they have even “grown up in intecs”. Today, these people are already part of middle management and are the main promoters of our values. It is therefore in our best interest to support them so that they are happy and proud to spread these values.

Who are we looking for to join our team?

At intecs, we are constantly expanding our team and looking for new enthusiasts to fit into our world of data. And what are the main parameters we look for in our potential collaborators? Mainly that they can think logically and are full of enthusiasm and passion. We’re looking for authenticity and people who stand up for who they are and can bring that “normality” and genuinity we love to the game.

Overall, our search for new team members is based on chemistry – it just has to fit. When we sit down with a person personally and see their motivation and results, we have clarity.

Do you like what you just read? Do you feel like you could fit in with us? Then get in touch. We have several open positions that may be waiting for you. 👀 

Jana Beranová, Marketing Manager

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